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A huge thank you to the Langar Aid charity

We have donated £500 as a thank you to Langar Aid for helping our customers affected by the Nauls Mill House fire.

On Saturday 16 April a fire started in one flat on the 15th floor of our Nauls Mill House tower block at around 8.45pm. Thankfully the fire was contained to the one flat, no one was hurt, and firefighters and police were on the scene to deal with the incident.

On Sunday a power outage, due to the amount of water the fire service used to put the fire out, we started decanting our customers. During this time Coventry City Council arranged for Langar Aid to help us.

The charity delivered food parcels to Nauls Mill House and other venues that housed our customers while we were dealing with the aftermath of the fire.

Langar Aid started in 2015 as a small group of friends and family who were inspired by the work of Khalsa Aid – a charity that provides humanitarian aid in natural disasters around the world.

The group started by cooking and preparing meals at home for distribution to the homeless community from the back of a van.

Since then, the charity has grown hugely and operates from Langar Aid House where before the pandemic they opened their doors for clients to stay overnight during cold weathers. Since the first lockdown in March 2020, Langar Aid have supported various families and individuals and have responded to emergencies such as Operation Stack in Dover, Worcester Floods and supporting Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees arriving into the UK.

Our Neighbourhood Services Manager Bal Basi said: “We are so grateful for the help Langar Aid provided us on the days following the Nauls Mill House fire. Many of our customers lost food during the fire and Langar Aid helped to make sure they had something to eat.

“Langar Aid have done a fantastic job and we are so relieved they were on hand to help everyone affected by the fire. We are donating £500 as a thank you for all their help and we are keen to see how we can work together in future to support our communities.”

Inderjit Singh from Langar Aid added: “Throughout the pandemic we have been focused on supporting those who are most in need. All of our volunteers have gone out of their way to provide food and support for the vulnerable and isolated.

“At Langar Aid we want to help feed humanity and our mission is to serve the homeless, vulnerable and those struggling with poverty in the UK. We also provide food and water to the vulnerable where it is needed in emergencies.

“We are pleased we were able to help Citizen customers following the Nauls Mill House fire and we are grateful for the donation which will help us to help others.”

Langar Aid are always looking for volunteers who can give their time and skill to help support their work. They are looking for people who can volunteer all year round, who are good listeners with a desire to help.

For more information about Langar Aid, click here and to find out more about volunteering, click here.

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