Our committees each have a specific focus.

Each committee reports into our board and members play a crucial role in shaping and scrutinising our work and holding us to account.

More information, including the members of each committee, is available on this page.

The work of our committees feeds directly into our board, which is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of our organisation.

Audit and Risk Committee

Managing risk is part of any organisation’s work and our Audit and Risk Committee play an important role in helping us to do this.


The committee is responsible for holding us accountable for how we are identifying and managing risks to our business. This includes making sure that we are compliant from a regulatory perspective, scrutinising our financial position and directing our audit arrangements.


  • David Blower (Chair and Citizen Board Member)
  • Stephen Russell (Citizen Board Representative)
  • Phil Ingle
  • Mark Sayer
  • Karthik Srinivas

Customer Assurance Committee

Our Customer Assurance Committee plays an important role in making sure the views of our customers are represented at the highest level in our organisation.


Made up of customers and chaired by a member of our board, the committee scrutinises our work to make sure our services are responsive to the needs of people in our communities.

  • Joan Allen (Chair and Citizen Board Member)
  • Angela Carpenter (Citizen Board Representative)
  • Ahmad Ahmad
  • Emma Brown
  • Chris Maitland
  • Chichi Ogbonnaya
  • Rosie Pocklington
  • Greg Smith
  • Caroline Wilson

Development Board

We build hundreds of new homes every year and our Development Board plays an important role in shaping and overseeing this work.


The board meets regularly to make sure that the ambitions set out in our development strategy are being realised.

  • Claire Williams (Chair and Citizen Board Member)
  • Phil Green
  • Dave Robertson
  • Becky Utuka
  • Mark Wright

Remuneration Committee

Our Remuneration Committee oversees our work to recruit, support and reward our colleagues as well as committee and board members.


It scrutinises everything from our approach to supporting the wellbeing of our staff to making sure our recruitment policy is sustainable and bringing in the people we need to succeed.

  • Sue Brookbank-Taylor (Chair and Senior Independent Director)
  • Monica Shafaq (board member)
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