Reporting on our performance

Our strategies are produced every three years on a rolling basis. We publish our annual reports and financial statements every year.

The reports detail our performance and the work we are doing to drive our services forward in line with our strategic objectives.

We believe transparency around performance is crucial.

Our business strategies

Our 2023-26 business strategy sets out what we will achieve over the next three years.


Homes are our foundation for life is an ambitious plan which outlines three pledges and five objectives which all of our work will be focused around to make sure we make a real difference in our communities.


This strategy is about our people, our staff and customers, where their voices shape what
we do for the next three years. We asked staff and customers to tell us what is important to
them, what is and isn’t working, and what our priorities should be.


Read the full strategy to learn more about the projects that will make our objectives reality.

It’s incredibly important to us that our customers and colleagues can thrive in their homes, communities and place of work, both now and in the future.


This is why it’s essential we focus on reducing the impact our activities have on the environment and have created this Sustainability Strategy full of actions that will make positive changes for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and communities.


Our ambition is to be at the forefront of the environmental agenda, and we will achieve this by working with stakeholders and partner organisations to minimise the risks from climate change.


Read our sustainability strategy to find out more about our plans and projects.

Annual reports

We’re listening to our customers more than ever before and this year’s annual report showcases the work that we are doing with customers to make sure their voice and influence is heard and valued across our organisation.


Read our 2022-23 annual report here.

Our 2021-22 annual report has been produced in collaboration with our customers. It details everything you need to know about the way we’ve performed and everything we’ve achieved over the last year. 


Read our 2021-22 annual report flipbook here.


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Our 2020-21 annual report sets out our performance and what we achieved during an unprecedented year.


Read our 2020-21 annual report flipbook here.



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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Annual Report

ESG is a framework used to assess an organisation’s business practices and performance on various sustainability and ethical issues. It also provides a way to measure business risks and opportunities in those areas.


Read our 2022-2023 ESG Annual Report.

Value for Money

Our approach to Value for Money (VfM) is available, and supplements the VfM disclosures contained within the 2022/23 financial statements for Citizen Housing Group Limited.


Our approach to tax

To find out more about our approach to tax, read our tax strategy.

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