Home is where we feel safe. It’s where we can be ourselves.

It’s where we feel comfortable, where we recharge our batteries and make future plans. It’s where we grow up and grow old. Home is our foundation for life.

We are passionate about our social purpose.

About Citizen

One of the UK’s most trusted social housing providers, Citizen owns and manages 30,000 homes for diverse communities across the West Midlands, from urban tower blocks to rural villages and towns.


Being a citizen is a hugely important concept. It means being part of society, having a stake, having rights and responsibilities and being respected.


We have a clear social purpose, which is to provide homes that are a foundation for life.


There are some fundamental challenges people in our communities face and we want to be an organisation which can help them deal with these.


So we are working to solve some of the most pressing issues around housing and homelessness.

Our work

We don’t just do the easy things.


We do the difficult things that many other organisations can’t or won’t do.


Most often, a good home is all people need to thrive. But when times get tough, we offer all the help we can, including money advice, coaching and practical support, enabling our customers to build on their own strengths and get back on their feet.


We provide contemporary and effective services and are piloting a number of major improvements, including a new quality standard for re-lets, so people enjoy a good quality home from day one.


We are using every opportunity to deliver social value and good outcomes for the people we serve.

Committed to our communities

Citizen is the leading regeneration association in the Midlands and beyond.


We have a reputation as a strong partner with a commitment to quality and a focus on good outcomes.


Our development programme is delivering more than 650 new homes a year, with at least 80% for rent at below market rates.


We also build homes for sale, generating income to support our social aims.

Our structure

Citizen Legal Structure Chart 2


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How we're regulated

We are regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing (our RSH number is 5075) which sets the required standards for all registered social housing providers.


The standards cover economic regulation (governance, financial viability, rent setting, value for money) and consumer regulation (safety and quality, transparency, influence and accountability, neighbourhood and community and tenancy).


The Regulator for Social Housing confirmed our G1/V2 rating in its latest stability check in October 2023


*These judgements refer to our previous name

Working in partnership

We’re proud to work closely with other organisations in our region and our sector.


As a leading housing provider in the Midlands and one of the biggest housing associations in the UK, we are committed to sharing best practice, working with our partners to find solutions to housing challenges and influencing housing policy.


We are a member of:


The National Housing Federation which represents housing associations in England

Matrix Housing Partnership a group of Midlands-based housing associations committed to dealing with the region’s housing challenges


We are a partner of:


The Chartered Institute of Housing the housing sector’s professional body


We are represented on:


West Midlands Housing Association Partnership which supports the West Midlands Combined Authority’s housing ambitions. Our Chief Executive, Kevin Rodgers, is the Chair of this group


West Midlands Homelessness Task Force which aims to tackle rough sleeping and homelessness in our region. Our Chief Executive, Kevin Rodgers is on the taskforce

We’re committed to working with our partners to make a difference.

Our company details

Citizen Housing Group Ltd is a charitable, registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.


Our registered company name is Citizen Housing Group Ltd and our registered office is 4040 Lakeside, Solihull Parkway, Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YN.


Our registration number is: 8181.

About Us