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Congratulations to colleagues who have passed their CIH Level 3 Housing Practice

Congratulations to the latest cohort of colleagues who have passed the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Level 3 Housing Practice.

The qualification with the CIH covers eight key areas of essential housing knowledge – this includes Housing system, Occupancy Tenure and Letting, Rental Income Management, Managing Leasehold Housing Services, Managing Empty Properties, Dealing with anti-social behaviour in housing, Legal Framework for Housing, and Professional Practice Skills for Housing.

We are the first housing provider to commit to putting all housing colleagues through a professional course with the CIH.

Neighbourhood Officer Gemma Teale and Neighbourhood Manager Carrie Gilbert recently completed the qualification.

Gemma said it was great to meet other colleagues from Citizen as part of the training and learn from their experiences.

She said: “I feel accomplished completing this course, as it was challenging for me to do it virtually, without that face-to-face interaction. It made me feel proud that I overcame this challenge and succeeded.

“Completing the course gave me confidence that I have the tools and skills needed to complete my role to the best of my ability. I also feel that this qualification benefits our customers and the communities that we serve by developing my knowledge. If anyone is thinking about doing this course, do it, as it will really benefit you!”

Carrie said that the course was really interesting and helped to increase her knowledge of Housing Practice.

She said: “There are some areas or processes within housing that we don’t use every day or understand why some areas of business work in the way that they do, but the qualification helped give me that wider view of the organisation. It increased my knowledge around other areas of our business for example leasehold and allocations. This helped me to better understand the legalities and why we do things the way that we do.

“I hadn’t done any studying since I left school, so I was nervous. I am now relieved that its completed but also proud of what I have achieved. It has given me greater confidence and will help support my decision making knowing that I am a qualified housing practitioner.”

Our Head of Learning and Development Lisa Robertson said: “Congratulations to all colleagues who have recently passed the CIH Level 3 Housing Practice.

“This qualification will be so useful in your housing careers, and it helps ensure you have the knowledge to do your jobs to the best of your ability.

“Well done everyone!”

Colleagues who have passed include Money Advice Team Leader Michael Clarke, Maintenance Planner Jade Farrel, Neighbourhood Services Assistant Tracey Fisher, Neighbourhood Manager Carrie Gilbert, Neighbourhood Officer Sarah Hollingworth, Neighbourhood Officer Manjit Mawee, Neighbourhood Officer Gemma Teale and Neighbourhood Officer Stephen Williams.

The next cohort is expected to run at the end of 2022.

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