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Coventry City Council and Councillor David Welsh visit St Michael’s Ward in Coventry

Coventry City Council and Councillor David Welsh were given a tour of Hillfields, part of St Michael’s ward in Coventry, to help develop a neighbourhood plan.

We are working with both Coventry City Council and our customers to develop a neighbourhood plan for the area. Our neighbourhood plan will help us to identify the key issues and to develop actions which address these issues and improve local services.

The key themes included in the neighbourhood plan are people, neighbourhood, homes, and partners.

We are responsible for 750 homes in the area and Coventry City Council is responsible for services such as street cleaning, so by working together to create the plan, we will help make improvements to Hillfields.

Our Chief Operating Officer Mads Nelson said: “It was great to give Councillor Welsh and Coventry City Council a tour of our homes in Hillfields as part of our work together to develop a local neighbourhood plan.

“We’re determined to improve this area of Coventry. Input from the Council and our customers is vital for us to achieve this. We want to provide homes that are a foundation for life and a better-quality environment.

“The plan includes objectives such as improving community safety, maintaining our homes, and improving them to a good standard, and building on existing partnerships with residents. We’re looking forward to working with partners on the neighbourhood plan and seeing the impact it has.”

St Michael’s Ward covers the city centre of Coventry, Hillfields and Charterhouse.

Coventry City Council’s Streetpride Manager Samantha Morris said: “It was good to tour Hillfields with Mads and other representatives from Citizen. We are actively working together on the neighbourhood plan, which is crucial to help improve the area of Hillfields, in order to create an environment that residents and the community to be proud of.”

We are still developing the neighbourhood plan with Coventry City Council and customers, and it is due to be finished in the next month.

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