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Coventry Homefinder is changing to make the process of applying for a home easier

A site our customers use to search and bid for properties is changing to make the process of applying for a home easier.

Coventry Homefinder is going to launch an update later this year, alongside changes to priority banding to make sure that people are prioritised correctly.

The changes follow an update to the Housing Policy last autumn.

Before the new site is launched later this year, 13,000 residents in Coventry will need to re-apply to make sure their details are correct, and their banding is up to date.

This needs to be done by Monday, September 6.

Our Head of Allocations and Lettings Clare Garner said: “We’re pleased that this new system will make the process of applying for homes easier for residents in Coventry.

“We want the process of applying for a home to be as easy as possible for our customers.”

As well as making Homefinder easier to use, the new policy will also see some changes to applicant eligibility and the way people are banded. Those applying for homes must have a local connection (barring some exceptional circumstances) and earn, or have assets, totalling less than £50,000. Customer will also not be able to register if they do not have a housing need recognised in the new policy.

As a result, some people’s priority bands may change to make sure that those with the greatest housing need in the city, such as care leavers, are prioritised. New categories such as living with friends or family, or experiencing financial difficulty in current properties, have also been added to the system.

Cllr David Welsh, Coventry City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, said: “The new system and policy updates will make this process quicker and easier, as well as ensuring that those who are in need are prioritised accordingly.

“Our new website will be much easier to use and bid for homes, and our teams have managed to simplify the application system to a single form.

“We need everyone who is currently registered to reapply – this will ensure your registration date remains in place and will make sure everyone is in the right band for their needs.”

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