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Creation of graffiti wall in Coventry is part of customers’ campaign to tackle fly-tipping

The Lindfield is a small piece of green space we own in Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry that is regularly used for fly-tipping.

The Lift Me Up campaign is part of the Stoke Aldermoor Social Action Partnership (SASAP) which covers several community wide projects and is made up of local people who live and work in our communities in Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry.

The Lift Me Up campaign sprang into action after a piece of broken glass injured one of our customer’s dog and the local community decided they were determined to act and clean up The Lindfield.

Through art workshops local children were asked to share their ideas of how they could improve their local area – including The Lindfield.

The artwork is an interpretation of all the ideas put forward by the children and a graffiti wall was subsequently created and completed by local graffiti artists Andy Clare and Lucy Kenny last month.

SASAP member and Community Organiser lead for local charity Grapevine, Kyla Craig says: “SASAP was created to take action on the things that matter most in our local communities.

“Fly-tipping is an issue we are all extremely passionate about. The Lift Me Up campaign is about raising aspirations and hope for the area as well as making it a safe, clean place to live and work.”

Our Neighbourhood Officer Mandy Lynch said: “Fly-tipping has always been an issue at The Lindfield and it’s great news we’re now working with SASAP to actively do something about it!

“I’m really pleased to say that SASAP were recently successful in applying for a grant of £5,000 from our Citizen Local Fund. The grant will create a long-term solution to the fly-tipping issue at The Lindfield and surrounding areas.

“I look forward to seeing the project progress over the coming months and I’d like to thank Kyla and everyone at SASAP for all their hard work and determination to make a difference.”

The money from our Citizen Local Fund will help SASAP:

Buy equipment including protective wear, so that the community can do regular litter picks in the area
Produce posters and leaflets to raise awareness around community issues and invite the community to get involved in solving them
Host a community event where neighbours can connect
Do a community tidy with skips so that there is a collective time that people can get rid of their rubbish.

Find out more about the Citizen Local Fund here.

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