Delay to your repair

Regrettably, due to the extremely high demand on our repairs service, we have had to make the difficult decision to delay some types of repairs until Summer 2024. This will enable us to focus our work on reducing the outstanding backlog and complete more urgent/complex repairs as a priority.

Unfortunately, the repair type you have raised with us will be delayed until next summer. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience and disruption this may cause you. We ask for your understanding and patience with us, as we work hard to try and reduce the high number of repairs we are currently faced with. Visit for further information.

We will ensure we contact you again to update you on our progress with your delayed repair. There is no need to get back in touch with us, please be assured that your repair is registered on our system, so there is no need to raise this repair again. You will be able to see your outstanding repair request online in My Account.

We will get back in touch closer to the time to reschedule your repair for completion. However, if you feel that the issue with your repair impacts your health and safety, or the structure of your home, please contact us on 0300 790 6555.

Thank you in advance for your patience,

Steve Kirk
Director of Maintenance Operations