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Family living in temporary accommodation are given new home for Christmas at our Tudor Grange development

A family has been given a new home for Christmas after moving into a property at our Tudor Grange development in Coventry.

Maaza and Solomon Tesfasion and their four children, were living in temporary accommodation before being given their home this December.

Maaza said she is looking forward to being with her family at Christmas.

She said: “I am very lucky to have been offered this house. I feel very comfortable here, I am so grateful to have moved into somewhere like this. It’s a new build home and it’s a dream come true!

“Moving here will make my children happy. I am looking forward to having Christmas together in the house.”

The Tudor Grange development in Coventry is a £9.5m development between Gerard Avenue and Queen Margaret’s Road off Charter Avenue in Westwood Heath.

It is made up of 51 affordable rent homes and a further 21 will be offered at outright sale by Signature New Homes.

Our Head of Construction, Derek Green, said: “It’s great to see Maaza and her family move into their family home at our Tudor Grange development and to have a new home for Christmas is an extra bonus.

“We all hope they have a great Christmas together and they enjoy all aspects of their new home in the future.

“The Tudor Grange development is well on the way to completion and some homes have already been handed over. There are a mix of property sizes at the development and it will provide a range of options for tenants to live in.”

Work first started on the development in November 2018. It is part funded by a £1.4m grant from Homes England and built by leading developer Lovell Partnerships. It is a mix of two-, three- and four-bedroom homes.

The properties at the site have been developed through an innovative partnership with Coventry City Council which will see 230 homes developed on land owned by us and the council throughout Coventry. 72 of these homes are at Tudor Grange and are being developed by Lovell Partnerships.

Stuart Penn, Lovell’s Regional Managing Director, said: “We are thrilled properties at the Tudor Grange development are being completed and handed over to tenants and we’d like to wish them a Happy Christmas in their new home.

“Our team has a strong record of delivering smart, modern homes and we are pleased that we have brought our expertise to Tudor Grange which will consist of 72 homes.

“The homes at Tudor Grange will help to boost the supply of high-quality homes in the area as well as creating a new community for local residents.”

The homes for sale with Signature New Homes have been completed and the affordable homes are set to be completed by March 2020.

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Tudor Grange Home For Christmas