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‘I’m so grateful to move into my new home and my family is so happy’ – Homes at our Clifton Street development are handed over to customers

Homes at our Clifton Street development in Coventry have been handed to customers.

We worked with Seddon on the 11-home development in Hillfields and customers who used to live in Wyken and Spon End are now moving into the homes.

As part of a huge regeneration project, in Wyken we will be demolishing Vincent Wyles House and transforming William Malcolm House – both of which are tower blocks – and will be building 93 new homes.

In Spon End, we will be demolishing three blocks – Kerry House, Milestone and Trafalgar House – and these will be replaced with affordable homes.

Customer Badria Hussein used to live in Spon End and has moved to Clifton Street with her four children.

Badria said: “I’m so grateful to have moved into my new home and my family are so happy here.

“It’s a lovely house and unlike my old home, is very spacious – I like everything about it. My family love the garden as we didn’t have one in our previous home.

“I’m so relieved our house is close to where I work and my network of friends. Some of them are also moving into the same development which is brilliant!

“I’m so grateful for having moved over to Clifton Street.”

Work started on the development in the summer of 2020 following the disruption caused by the covid pandemic.

Our Executive Director of Development Nick Byrne said: “Our homes at Clifton Street are being handed over to customers and we are pleased to hear that Badria is enjoying her new home.

“We hope that her whole family will be very happy there.

“At Citizen we want to provide more than a home, we want to provide a foundation for life, and we are pleased that our customers who were living in Spon End and Wyken are moving into this development, which isn’t too far away from their previous home.”

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities David Welsh said: “It’s great for the area that these new homes have been built and in terms of regeneration, this development has improved the area.

“I am really pleased larger homes are being provided for families. I’ve previously requested for four bed homes to be built and Citizen have delivered this. I look forward to working with Citizen on other projects.”

Clifton Street is one of three sites we have been working on with Seddon.

The others, which have also been completed, include Almond Tree Avenue and Everdon Road.

Operations manager at Seddon Lloyd Anderson said: “We’ve worked with forward-thinking organisation Citizen for over five years to help them achieve their goal to increase the supply of affordable homes in the Midlands.

“We’re passionate about helping communities thrive and supporting the much-needed requirement for affordable housing. It’s great to see the development at Clifton Street coming to fruition with the residents moving into their new homes.”

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