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‘I’m so thankful for the support and for being given the tools to turn my life around’ – One of our Whitecross customers is moving into his own home

One of our customers who moved into our Whitecross supported housing accommodation in Hereford is moving into his own home.

Christopher Doherty, who is known as Jimmy, moved into our 12-bed scheme last September after finding himself homeless.

Jimmy first found himself without a home when his landlady sold the property that he was renting, and he was placed in the Talbot hotel under the winter provision scheme by Hereford Council.

Jimmy said he has a history of alcohol abuse and has worked closely with agencies to reduce his intake, with a view to giving up drink completely. However, he hadn’t been able to achieve this before he moved into Whitecross.

He was also struggling with anxiety and depression as he wasn’t allowed access to his son.

He said: “It was great living at Whitecross as I felt incredibly safe and supported. I was given the tools I needed to turn my life around.

“Colleagues helped me quit drinking, access support and mental health services and were there for me on a daily basis.”

Jimmy has now been offered one of our flats in Hereford to move into.

He said: “It felt amazing being offered this flat. I’ve wished for this to happen to me for eight years. I’m really looking forward to having my own secure home and a place for my son to stay.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Whitecross for their amazing support.”

Homeless Hub Coordinator Kerry Darnell said: “We are so pleased to see that Jimmy has secured his own flat and has turned his life around.

“We wish him all the best for the future and with his move into his new flat!”

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