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Keen to find out more about our ConnectMe scheme? Here is how it can help with employment skills

We are part of a scheme which helps people across Coventry get into employment.

ConnectMe offers a bespoke action plan to help people overcome barriers in relation to work.

Our Money Advice Team Leader Michael Clarke talks about how the scheme helps.

Tell us about the ConnectMe scheme.

The scheme is available for people living in Coventry and helps applicants develop a bespoke action plan. They are also given the opportunity to develop skills to get back into work.

A variety of sessions are available which includes employment coaching and one to one and group sessions. There are also workshops which help with CV Writing, job searching, interview skills and managing money.

Who can take part in the ConnectMe scheme?

The scheme is available for people who are living in the CV1 to CV6 areas of Coventry.

Anyone who is aged over 16 and has a legal right to work in the UK can benefit from the scheme – they don’t have to be a resident.

We are trying to help as many people as we can, so if staff think they know someone who would benefit then they should get in touch.

Do you have any examples of who we have helped with the scheme?

We have helped several people across the organisation through ConnectMe.

Chloe Richards was unemployed, and she benefitted from applying for one of our paid placements.

She is now working as a Trainee Administrator in our Money Advice Team.

We’ve also helped Bhupinder Birdee. She found it difficult to get back into work after a breast cancer diagnosis.

She is now working in our Housing and Neighbourhood Services department.

George Stinton is also a Trainee Administrator in our Estates and Services team thanks to ConnectMe.

He had been out of work for a month and the paid placement helped him get back into the routine of having a job.

How can you find out more about the scheme?

People interested in the scheme can find out more information by emailing or by calling 0300 790 6555.

For media enquiries contact our Communications Team.

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