Live Work Better, our approach to how we work at Citizen, has been shortlisted for the Best Flexible Working Initiative award at the Chartered Institute of People Development (CIPD) People Management Awards.

The CIPD People Management Awards are the benchmark of excellence for the HR and People Development profession.

We launched Live Work Better in June last year following the most wide-ranging staff consultation exercise we have ever conducted at Citizen. Colleagues’ voices from across our organisation have been at the heart of this project and the feedback we have received to date has been fantastic including:

  • 77% said that Live Work Better is helping you to work more productively
  • 74% said that Live Work Better is helping with your work life balance
  • 66% said that overall Live Work Better has been beneficial to your team
  • 68% said that Live Work Better has had a positive impact on Citizen’s culture
  • 75% said that overall Live Work Better is beneficial to Citizen
  • 75% said that Live Work Better is helping Citizen become a more appealing place to work.

Our Interim Head of HR Nicky Hulse said: “I’m delighted that Live Work Better has been recognised in the CIPD People Management Awards, the most prestigious awards for the HR and People Development profession.

“Since the launch of Live Work Better we have made huge progress with making our new way of working come to life for colleagues and I think the principles really work.

“We’ve launched our new online booking system Cloudbooking; revealed our plans for our 4040 office; changed policies to reflect Live Work Better following consultations with colleagues and we’re continuously improving our IT set up to ensure everyone has the right equipment to do their roles effectively.

“I’m really proud of everything we have achieved in the last 18 months, and I’d like to thank our Live Work Better Steerco who have been committed to driving forward this project and making it a huge success.”

Chief Financial Officer and Live Work Better Project Sponsor Gary Booth said: “I’m thrilled we’ve been shortlisted for the CIPD Best Flexible Working Initiative award. It’s really pleasing to see the positive impact Live Work Better is having on colleagues and teams across our organisation.

“We have always made it clear that we want everyone at Citizen to have the best balance they can between their personal life and their work, within the scope of their role, because we know this benefits both our colleagues and customers.

“It’s great to see Live Work Better delivering on this and that the majority of people believe it is having a positive impact on theirs and their teams work life balance and performance.

“This award and how Live Work Better has been received across our organisation is testament to the hard work our Live Work Better Steerco have put into this project. I’d like to thank everyone involved and I’ve got my fingers crossed for the final ceremony!”

The 2022 winners of the CIPD People Management Awards will be revealed during a black-tie awards dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, London on Thursday 22 September.

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Well done everyone and good luck!