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Natalie Littlehales passes CIOB exams with a Distinction

Congratulations to our Development Project Manager Natalie Littlehales who has passed her exams with a Distinction to gain her Chartership with the Chartered Institute of Builders (CIOB).

Natalie has always wanted to gain a CIOB Chartership and with help from our organisation, she signed up for the course 12 months ago.

Being a member of CIOB demonstrates an on-going commitment to the industry, innovation, sustainability and the environment.

The course covers topics including managing health, safety and quality, implementing sustainable construction development, commercial development, strategic and financial management, professional judgement and responsibility.

Natalie said: “I’ve worked in Construction for 17 years now and I’ve always wanted to gain CIOB Chartership as it’s so significant in our sector and in our roles within development.

“I’m not going to sugar-coat it and say my exams were a breeze, as it was quite possibly the most stressful two weeks of my life! The work was hard, but I knew that was what I needed to do if I wanted the results. I was committed and determined to do it.

“Women remain under-represented in construction so being able to demonstrate my skills and knowledge and be recognised for it is a huge achievement for me.

“I’m now signed up to do the National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. People have said to me I must be mad to put myself through it again, but I love my job and I am so passionate about what I do.

“A big thank you to my colleagues and to Citizen for supporting and believing in me.”

Our Executive Director for Development Nick Byrne added: “On behalf of all the Development team I want to congratulate Natalie on her well-deserved achievement.

“To gain a Distinction is fantastic, it’s great seeing all of Natalie’s dedication and hard work paying off.

“Good luck with your final written assignment Natalie and with your National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. Well done for always making the most of every opportunity and always trying to be the best person you can be.”

Now Natalie has passed her CIOB exams, she needs to submit a written assessment of her experience, skills and competences to gain CIOB Chartership.

The assessment needs to be submitted by the end of this month and Natalie will find out her results by the end of this year.

Good luck Natalie!

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