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New partnership will see us shape approach to measuring social value

A new partnership will see us shape an approach to measuring the value of the work of organisations with a social purpose.

We’ve joined a group which includes leading housing associations and organisations from other sectors, to work with innovation agency HACT.

The group will drive forward HACT’s social value roadmap and play a part in enhancing and developing tools and calculators to help organisations likes ours measure the social value that their work adds.

The roadmap will enable the social housing sector to use social value information to improve services, enhance decision-making and increase the impact it makes. Over the next year, we will be taking part in working groups to develop this approach.

Will Walker, our Director of Transformation, said: “Our social purpose is integral to our work and being part of a group of organisations which will shape an approach to measuring social value is a great opportunity for us.

“We look forward to working with HACT and partners to drive forward this important agenda.”

Matthew Grenier, Associate Director of Communications at HACT, said: “We’re delighted that Citizen is joining the social value roadmap. Their involvement will ensure the values, tools and use cases are applicable and accessible across the sector, regardless of organisational size.

“Our ambition is that the roadmap will result in social value becoming a key part of business decision-making, including forecasting, performance measurement and operational excellence, driving value for residents and communities.”

Visit the HACT website for more information.

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