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New Scrutiny Panel will oversee the standard of our services and hold us to account

We have recently finished the recruitment of our new Customer Scrutiny Panel which will oversee the standard of our services and hold us to account.

We received over 70 applications for the panel and have successful recruited 10 customers who have now been approved by our board.

Members of our Scrutiny Panel will take part in a series of scrutiny reviews. They will work together to assess our services and report back findings and recommendations to help us improve.

The panel will report into our Customer Assurance Committee, which is a part of our formal board structure. This means its work will feed directly into the highest levels of our organisation and exert real influence over our services.

Will Walker, our Director of Transformation, said: “We want to continue to do more to involve our customers in our work and our Customer Scrutiny Panel will play an important part of this.

“Our Customer Assurance Committee has been a great influence on our work and the Scrutiny Panel will take this a step further by conducting in-depth reviews which hold us to account on crucial aspects of our service.

“This is an integral part of our work to achieve our objective to improve our offer to our customers. I’m delighted to have everyone on board and I’m really looking to seeing their impact”

Our Scrutiny Panel members will now begin their induction to Citizen which includes training to understand our business and our processes. There will be joint training sessions with the Customer Assurance Committee to strengthen the relationship between the two functions and to further understand the role of the Committee and Panel to prevent any cross over of work and to increase assurance.

Our Scrutiny Panel are expected to complete at least three scrutiny reviews each financial year with our Fresh Start Standard being the first area they will review.

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