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New training will see all managers become Mental Health Champions by March 2020

All of our managers will have taken part in a mental health training programme by March 2020.

In June we launched our new mental health training programme to help improve the health and wellbeing of our staff.

The programme, which is being provided by Birmingham Mind, introduced basic mental health training for all staff, an enhanced course for line managers and the opportunity for staff to become qualified mental health first aiders.

The programme has progressed well and we are now ready to provide our one-day training course to all managers to enable them to become Mental Health Champions.

This is a compulsory course for all our line managers and will give them the skills and confidence to spot when a colleague is struggling and how support can be provided.

The training is being rolled out across the organisation from November to March.

Matt Posaner, our Director of People, said having Mental Health Champions in our organisation was crucial.

He said: “We are very pleased to be providing this enhanced training course to all our managers and demonstrate our commitment to the wellbeing of all staff,” Matt said.

“Managers are in a position where they are more likely to be faced with mental health issues among their colleagues and as mental health champions, they will be able to recognise the early signs and act on it confidently with the appropriate support.

“It’s important to remember that we’re not expecting managers to become mental health experts or to handle problems alone, but they will be able to give the right support and guidance to their colleagues to help them get further information and advice.

“We are therefore asking all managers to book themselves onto one of the 12 training sessions available and ensure they complete the course.

“We are also progressing well with training approximately 80 members of staff as Mental Health First Aiders and we will shortly be providing a list on staff notice boards on who has now qualified and is available to help. “

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