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Our ConnectMe scheme provides four paid trainee placements for our Coventry residents

Four twelve-month paid trainee placements with a range of our Coventry teams have been offered to customers through our ConnectMe employment support programme.

ConnectMe helps get customers in Coventry who are unemployed into employment.

The programme gives applicants a bespoke action plan which identifies their key barriers in relation to work, they are also given the opportunity to take part in group workshops and one to one sessions with our employment coach to help them develop skills.

All paid placement applicants took part in a group interview and then a second interview.

Chloe Richards has benefitted from the scheme working as a trainee administrator with the Money Advice and Connectme team.

She was unemployed when she applied for the ConnectMe programme and felt it was too good an opportunity to miss.

She says: “There were different workshops and paid placements available. I applied for a paid placement, took part in the interview and was successful.

“I was really happy when I was offered the placement as I had been out of work for two months and I wanted to get back into something.

“I feel like I have learned a lot already. Many people feel that they need an extra push and some guidance when it comes to employment and that’s exactly what this offers.”

George Stinton is a Trainee Administrator for our Estates and Services team. He heard about the ConnectMe scheme through his sister because she works at our Little Park Street office in Coventry.

He says: “I was out of work for a month or two while I was looking for full time work. The placement has helped me so much by providing me with a routine of getting up in the morning and meeting new people too.

“This is a new style of job for me, as all my other roles have been in call centres, and it has helped me get extra experience.

“I have thoroughly involved myself in my role and it has given me a great experience which I can take forward.”

Bhupinder Birdee was also helped by ConnectMe. She works as a trainee administrator for the Housing and Neighbourhood Services Department after she struggled to get back into work following a breast cancer diagnosis.

She says: “ConnectMe has given me the confidence to come back into work and think about where I might go in future.

“I found it daunting trying to remember everything when returning to work and working at specific times.

“I feel so proud that I became involved with ConnectMe going from not working at all to being able to do something.”

The scheme is available for residents in the CV1 to CV6 areas of Coventry and helps anyone who is unemployed over the age of 16.

ConnectMe Manager and Group Money Advice Team Leader Michael Clarke says: “The ConnectMe scheme is a great way to help people across Coventry who are struggling with accessing employment, education or training opportunities.

“Customers on the scheme are given a variety of opportunities that best suit them and will help with their career goals going forward.”

People can get involved in the scheme and find out more by calling 0300 790 6555.

For media enquiries contact our Communications Team.

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