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Our customer experience team has been accredited by the CCA and achieved outstanding results

Congratulations to our customer experience team for being accredited by the Customer Contact Association (CCA) for the eighth year!

The CCA is the leading global authority on customer contact strategies and operations. We are assessed against their criteria every year to see how we have improved on the previous 12 months and if we maintain the accreditation for a further year. This year the assessment focussed on the evolution of customer contact and the need for a more collaborative approach to customer experience.

Prior to the assessment, the CCA run a survey with 59 colleagues in the Customer Experience team working in different roles, and then analysed this data. During the assessment, colleagues from the customer experience directorate and our key business partners (ICT, HR, learning & development) attended sessions with the assessor to discuss and provide evidence how we meet the required criteria for each module.

We’ve received some outstanding results and following the assessment, the CCA commended us for our people culture. They said ‘in the assessor’s opinion the centre has one of the strongest people cultures, with a very supportive senior management team that genuinely care about their workforce, and a keenness to get the best from their people.’

Some of the areas which the assessor and CCA Board have recognised, based on the survey and the assessment include:

  • An extremely focused team ready to move into the year ahead.
  • 100 percent of colleagues said they agreed or strongly agreed their co-workers are respectful to each other.
  • 95 percent of colleagues said they either agreed or strongly agreed that they would refer people to work at Citizen.
  • 93 percent of people either agree or strongly agree that their manager supports them with their personal goals.
  • A modernised approach to supporting customers and colleagues.
  • A strategy that uses feedback from customers and colleagues that is communicated well.
  • Customer and colleague feedback demonstrably influences changes through the customer engagement platform.

Our director of customer experience Scott Worth said: “I am really proud of the customer experience team, they have worked incredibly hard over the last year and have done a sterling job in helping our customers.

“This is the eighth year in a row which we have been accredited so I am really pleased the team has achieved this for another year.

“In terms of our performance, we are doing a great job and we are focused on where we want to go in the future. We have shown we are brave by changing the way we do things to improve services for our customers, we give honest feedback to our teams, and we are ambitious by having brought in new systems relating to complaints.

“Well done to everyone in the customer experience team for all your hard work over the last year and congratulations on achieving the accreditation.”

You can find out more about the CCA here.

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