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Our Director of Customer Services Lourdes Sharpe has been invited to join the CCA board

Following on from our Customer Service Team being CCA (Customer Contact Association) accredited for the fourth year in a row, our Director of Customer Services Lourdes Sharpe has been invited to be a board member.

This means that she will play a part in helping organisations become accredited.

Lourdes has joined the review board, and this means that she will look at the assessor’s report as an independent check of the assessor’s recommendations.
She will also make sure that sufficient evidence for compliance against standards has been supplied to ensure accreditation.

As part of the role she will also pick up and promote good practice and encourage shared learning.

Lourdes said: “I’m thrilled to be asked to join – and I feel proud that Citizen is up there with the big organisations including national banks, the NHS, government departments and other private sector members having an influence.

“I was invited to join the board – I do have some experience in a previous life of conducting assessments against standards and I know the CCA have always been impressed at how Citizen approached our accreditation assessments.

“It’s also a bit scary – I will have to be brave and honest. On the receiving end I know what it’s like waiting for that report after you have had an assessment and how its shared around organisations, even to board level.

“I want to accurately reflect the organisation I am reviewing, the work they are doing and how they have progressed year on year as my team and I know first-hand what it takes!”

The board ensures standards are maintained, it identifies good practice and recognises learning opportunities.

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