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Our Equalities Manager Ravinder Kaur is selected for National Housing Federation group

Our Equalities Manager Ravinder Kaur has been selected as a member of the National Housing Federation’s (NHF) Diversity, Equality and Inclusion group.

The group is made up of 18 people from across England – so it’s a great achievement for Ravinder to be chosen.

The newly formed strategic group will address diversity, equality and inclusion across the country for housing customers and staff.

The group has been tasked with co-creating a programme of work with the NHF to help show leadership when it comes to diversity in our sector – it will also drive a shift in culture to deliver more inclusive workplaces.

Ravinder says: “I am thrilled to be selected as part of the group and to be only one of 18 people in the country is a great achievement.

“Being part of this group is a great opportunity to be able to improve our sector in terms diversity, equality and inclusion whilst also raising the profile of our organisation.

“We live in a diverse society and I’m looking forward to working with the group to make this better.

“I hope that by meeting with the group we will be able to combat some of the discrimination against individuals and groups in protected communities that are living in social housing, and diversity should also be reflected in the workforce in all levels and all pay bands.

“I am hoping the group will provide guidance to housing providers to break down the barriers that hold people back and give them opportunities to succeed.”

The first meeting is to take place in London tomorrow, October 16.

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Ravinder Kaur