We have exciting plans for the future!

Our 2023-26 business strategy sets out what we will achieve over the next three years.

Homes are our foundation for life is an ambitious plan which outlines three pledges and five objectives which all of our work will be focused around to make sure we make a real difference in our communities.

This strategy is about our people, our staff and customers, where their voices shape what
we do for the next three years. We asked staff and customers to tell us what is important to
them, what is and isn’t working, and what our priorities should be.

Read the full strategy to learn more about the projects that will make our objectives reality.

Living our purpose

Our business strategy has a clear structure to help us achieve our social purpose.

One purpose, three pledges and five objectives to help us make a difference.

Our purpose, pledges and objectives

Everything we have set out to achieve in our 2023-26 business strategy is focused around our purpose – to provide homes that are a foundation for life.

Our strategy reflects our passion and commitment to our social purpose.

Our business strategy is centred around three broad pledges that we are committed to achieving:

  • Homes
  • People
  • Partners

Underneath our pledges sit five focused objectives that we want to achieve by 2026.


Pledge: Homes

  • We will make sure our homes are safe, comfortable and sustainable for our customers
  • We will build homes to meet the needs of our region

Pledge: People

  • We will listen to customers and focus on the things that matter the most
  • We will be an employer of choice and invest in our people

Pledge: Partners

  • We will work with our partners to make a positive difference to our customers and communities

Our strategy sets out the projects that will help us to achieve our objectives.