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Update on the Nauls Mill House fire in Coventry this weekend

A fire started in one of the flats on the 15th floor at our Nauls Mill House tower block in Coventry around 8.45pm on Saturday 16 April.

West Midlands Fire Service, West Midlands Police and our teams were on site immediately to stop the fire and support customers.

All residents living in the block are safe and we continue to support them. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the fire was mainly contained to the one flat.

Specialist Fire Investigators found a small number of butane aerosol cans within the flat on the 15th floor which could have played a contributory factor into the fire’s development.

West Midlands Fire Service have determined the most likely cause of the fire at Nauls Mill House was a carelessly discarded cigarette in the living room of the flat on the 15th floor.

The fire service have confirmed that the building performed exactly as it should on Saturday evening – containing the majority of the fire within the flat on the 15th floor and allowing the fire service to tackle the blaze there, keeping all residents safe.

The majority of residents living in flats up to and including floor 12 are now back in their homes following successful electrical tests in their flats.

Residents in flats on floors 13 – 16 remain in temporary accommodation due to more serious electrical damage on these floors.

We are committed to getting the electricity back on in all flats and all our customers back in their homes as soon as possible.

We have been working closely with Coventry City Council to find temporary accommodation for customers who need it and to supply food parcels. We are also providing a daily allowance to assist residents with any additional food costs.

Our customers safety is our priority and we would encourage everyone to ensure that any smoking materials or candles are fully extinguished prior to leaving them unattended. Butane aerosol cans can be extremely dangerous and we would strongly advise customers not to store any within their homes.

If you would like to talk to us, you can do so at any time on 0300 790 6555. Thank you for your patience.

For media enquiries contact our Communications Team.

Nauls Mill House Fire