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We donate £250 to help a Worcester church provide free hot meals

We recently donated £250 to St Wulstan Church in Worcester to help them provide free hot food at their Saturday Brunch event.

The donation helped contribute to hot meals and drinks that the church provides to around 40 local residents.

The event is held every weekend, and anyone is welcome to attend.

Our money advice services manager Michael Clarke said: “We are always looking at ways we can support our residents and local communities from getting into financial difficulty and with food poverty on the rise in the UK, many more people are turning to food banks and charitable organisations, such as this one. I’m so glad we could provide our support in this way.”

Lesley Milton, Dot Hughes and Ann Smith all attended the Saturday event and said: “One of the amazing results of Saturday Soup is to see our community regaining their confidence after the dreadful lockdown.

“It’s wonderful to see old neighbours and friends rekindling lost friendships and making new ones in this lovely warm atmosphere. The bonus is the lovely homemade soup and the volunteers who make it a great success. Long may it continue.”

Volunteer at the church Craig Cook said the Saturday Brunch and Saturday Soup project have been huge hits.

He said: “Over the time since it has begun more and more people have been turning up. Some weeks up to fifty meals have been warmly handed out.

“The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, with many laughs and helpful information and advice given out. With homemade food and bottomless hot drinks going down a treat, this warm hub is greatly appreciated by all who enter.”

Councillor Jill Desayrah, who helps organise the free food said: “Thanks so much for the generous sponsorship for our Saturday Soup events. We have now moved onto Saturday Sandwich, in hope of warmer weather!

“These events are going really well, offering warmth, food and friendship to many people who otherwise can be quite isolated. It’s a real highlight of my week!”

If you know of anyone who might benefit from the free food in the Warndon area of Worcester, the church is open 11.30am to 1pm with free sandwiches and cake.

For media enquiries contact our Communications Team.

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