Last week we announced that we’d been successful in a £1.1million bid for funding in partnership with Coventry City Council from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.

The funding will allow us to improve the energy efficiency of our homes in Coventry which have an energy performance certificate (ECP) rating below C.

Last week (Wednesday 16 March) we invited customers to join us at a consultation event at St George’s Church Lounge, which we arranged alongside Coventry City Council.

As part of the Wave 1 funding bid, we have identified 95 homes in Coventry that have an energy performance certificate (ECP) rating of D – it was these customers who were invited to the consultation event.

Asset Manager Adam Denny said: “We think it’s important to host consultation events to make sure that our customers understand our plans and to give them the opportunity to ask questions and share any concerns they have about the energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

“It’s important we ensure that our customers are prepared for the changes we are going to be making to their homes.

“We are one of 69 housing associations to receive funding to retrofit our homes under Wave 1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, which is a fantastic achievement.

“The funding will be used to fit external wall insulation to the homes as well as installing energy efficient doors and windows, increased loft insulation, and improving ventilation to reduce the potential for mould growth.

“The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave one funding improvement programme will be completed by March 2023 and demonstrates our continued commitment to the decarbonisation and continued improvement of our existing homes.”