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We reveal our exciting plans in our new business strategy on our first birthday

As we celebrate our first birthday as Citizen we are delighted to be able to launch our new 2020-23 business strategy.

In 2019 we went through one of the most significant changes in our history when we amalgamated our group structure and rebranded as Citizen.

We said from the start that this would be much more than a change of name and Home is our foundation for life sets out an ambitious plan to transform our organisation and our services over the next three years.

Our purpose is to provide homes that are a foundation for life and we can’t think of a better name for a strategy that will guide our work over the coming years.

In the strategy we make three core pledges and set out seven focused objectives that we are committed to achieving by 2023. To meet this commitment, we also outline a series of projects which will transform our services and the way that we provide them.

Kevin Rodgers, our Chief Executive, said: “We are passionate about our social purpose and the work we outline reflects this.

“The housing challenges in the West Midlands are as significant as they have ever been. House prices are eight times the average income, private rents continue to rise and there is a shortfall of at least 40,000 homes a year.

“Meanwhile homelessness continues to increase, welfare changes have put increasing pressure on people living in our communities and employment levels continue to be a serious issue.

“The impact of coronavirus on the people in our communities has been far-reaching and we will play a role in supporting people through this unprecedented and ongoing challenge. We also need to keep track of how this situation develops and be agile enough to adjust the plans we set out here if we need to.

“All of this presents a challenge for housing associations, but we believe it also presents a significant opportunity.

“As an anchor institution in the West Midlands, we believe in our role to help our communities and the people in them to thrive.

“Our strategy reflects the fact that we want to do so much more than provide homes; we want to provide homes that are a foundation for life.”

Find out more about our strategy on our Our goals page.

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