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We’re improving our apprenticeship scheme

This year we are going to improve our apprenticeship scheme.

The new programme will encourage the progression of more young people to support talent development and succession planning in our organisation.

We are committed to recruiting 12 new apprentices in 2021/2022 and 12 in 2022/2023. This means we’ll have over 30 apprentices at Citizen over the next two years.

Our apprenticeship scheme is an important part of our objective in our 2020-23 business strategy to become an employer of choice.

Apprenticeships are paid trainee roles which combine hands on work with training and relevant qualifications, and each apprentice must carry out structured and meaningful work within their role and spend at least 20% of their work time on off-the-job training.

This means they can work towards achieving an approved apprenticeship qualification.

The individual apprenticeships last between 12 months and five years depending on the role.

Currently we have six apprentices – four within the Maintenance Operations directorate and two within the Finance directorate.

Our Director of People Matt Posaner said: “This year we’re planning to increase our apprenticeship programme and offer more apprenticeships across the organisation.

“We’ve always provided a higher number of apprenticeships in the past, mainly within our maintenance and housing functions, and it has been very successful with several of those apprentices now working with us at managerial level.

“We’ve also previously won several regional and national apprenticeship awards for the scheme so it would be good to get it running again at a higher level.”

We’re aiming to provide apprenticeships across the business in Maintenance, Housing, Customer Services, Care and Support, Asset Management and Safety, Transformation, Treasury, Assurance and Procurement, IT, HR, Communications and our Executive Leadership PA team.

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Apprentice Alice Web