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When You Look at Me wins prestigious video and animation award

Our When You Look at Me equality, diversity, and inclusion video (EDI) won Gold in the Best Use of Video and Animation award at the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards last night (Wednesday 6 July).

Run by Communicate Magazine the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards highlight the impact internal communications has on a business, the role of the internal communicator within an organisation and the creative strategies developed to promote an engaged workforce.

Our When You Look at Me video was developed by our EDI Forum and is the product of a collective effort to showcase our commitment and challenge people to think about what they can do to make a difference. It has become the foundation for our work to drive forward our equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.

Our Chief Executive and EDI Forum Chair Kevin Rodgers said: “It’s fantastic news that When You Look at Me won Gold at such a prestigious award ceremony.

“The best videos are part of something bigger and help organisations to achieve outcomes. When You Look at Me is an excellent example of this. It has achieved our fundamental objective to showcase our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion and re-energised our work in this area.

“I am proud to feature in When You Look at Me and everyone in our EDI Forum and the Communications Team should be very proud for all their hard work in putting this together. Competition was high and to win shows just how brilliant this video is.

“Well done everyone!”

Watch our award-winning When You Look at Me video below:

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