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“Whitecross hub has saved my life” – find out how we’re helping people who have found themselves homeless

This week is Rural Housing Week which shines a light on the vital importance of housing associations in rural communities.

One of the focus areas this year is Hidden Homeless which highlights that homelessness in rural areas is often less visible and can be exacerbated by high housing costs.

At Citizen we are committed to providing safe and secure housing for those who have found themselves homeless and one of our schemes is White Cross Road in Hereford.

Over the last year we have housed 24 residents at Whitecross Road with a great track record of successful moves to permanent accommodation.

Whitecross Road is currently full and there is a growing waiting list of people who have found themselves homeless in Herefordshire.

Claire Gallagher* is one of the residents currently living at Whitecross Road and she said being there has had a big impact on her life.

She said: “Whitecross hub has changed my life.  I came in here a homeless addict and I’m now clean and working towards getting my baby girl back.

“The support here has saved my life, literally, and the staff are absolutely amazing, especially my keyworker.  Thank you, Whitecross Hub.”

Head of Housing Support Liz Carroll said homelessness is an issue in big cities, but it is also a real issue in rural areas too, so it is important resources are in place to help those who have found themselves homeless.

She said: “It’s important we highlight Rural Housing Week as, unlike bigger cities, Hereford has no direct access hostel accommodation other than severe weather emergency protocol winter provision, so supported housing schemes such as Whitecross hub are a vital housing resource.  Rural homelessness is an increasing problem and with people sleeping in remote locations it is hard for housing services to know where they are and to offer support.

“It’s important we have schemes like Whitecross Road to provide safe and secure housing for those who find themselves homeless, with support available on site to help guide residents through whatever difficulties they may be experiencing.

“We then support the resident to move on to permanent housing when the time is right

“At Citizen we are committed to working with our partners in Hereford and across the West Midlands to make a difference to our customers and communities.”

Find out more about Rural Housing week here.

*Name has been changed

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