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Working in partnership to tackle fly-tipping

Customers living in Hillfields have been working with us and Coventry City Council to tackle fly tipping.

People living in Vernon Close, Brook Close, Vauxhall Close, Gilbert Close, Days Close and Spring Close had ongoing concerns about an area around their homes which has become a fly-tipping hotspot.

We worked with Coventry City Council to remove the fly-tipping from the area.

Our Head of Estates and Services Elly Dix said: “We’ve been working closely with local residents and Coventry City Council to clean up areas at the Closes in St Michael’s Ward, Hillfields.

“The clean-up has been done in response to customer feedback and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to reducing anti-social behaviour across our communities so that residents have a cleaner environment to live in.

“Working as a team has enabled us to combine our resources to tackle the problem of fly-tipping in the area.”

Elly added this project forms part of a wider plan to invest in the St Michael’s Estate, Hillfields. The Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that all partners are working together in the planning and delivery of the project, and this includes tackling Anti-Social Behaviour, Building Safety and improving green spaces within the community.

She said: “We’re looking forward to continuing to work closely with Coventry City Council to maintain these areas in future to ensure they remain clean and tidy.”

We are planning to meet with Coventry City Council and residents in the New Year to identify a longer-term solution to the problem.

St Michael’s Ward Councillor, Naeem Akhtar, said: “Working in a ‘One Coventry’ way, both the council and Citizen have been listening to local people and have already done some work to improve the area.

“As well as removing the unsightly fly-tipping, overgrown hedges were also cut back creating a better access way.

“We will continue to work with residents to see how we can keep the area clean and tidy in future.”

Cabinet Member for Policing and Community Safety Councillor Abdul Salam Khan said: “Residents are fed up with the impact fly-tipping has on their neighbourhoods, and we know that many want to work with us whether it’s to report incidents anonymously or to help keep the area tidy. I’m pleased about some of the steps we have been able to take.

“Residents are being listened to and can be part of the solution.”

We are working with the council’s Street Enforcement Team and will take action against anyone found to be fly tipping.

Anyone can report fly-tipping incidents anonymously by going to or calling 08085834333.

For media enquiries contact our Communications Team.

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