Independence and so much more

Our retirement living schemes offer the perfect blend of independence and community for people who are 55 and over.

You get your own apartment with an affordable rent, and you’ll be able to spend time with your neighbours whenever you want to.

All of our schemes include a one-bedroom apartment, including a secure door entry system, a residents’ lounge for shared activities and socialising, parking, and laundry facilities. Most schemes also provide a 24 hour careline.

The stress of gardening, cleaning in shared areas and maintaining the outside of your home is taken away as we look after all this for you.

You will also have access to a Retirement Living Officer who can help you settle into your new home.

We have schemes available across the West Midlands. Find out more – including what is available near you – below.

Who is retirement living suitable for?

In short, anyone over 55!


Many of our customers are completely independent but just want the comfort of having other people around them.


You might live in a house which is becoming challenging to look after.


Perhaps you are feeling isolated and want the opportunity to spend time with a community of like-minded people.


Or maybe you want the security of knowing a loved one is safe and happy in a home where they are being looked out for.


A home that is just right could be waiting for you or your loved one and we will work with you to find it.

Retirement living schemes offer the benefit of complete independence with a community around you.

What are the schemes like?

We have retirement living schemes available across the West Midlands; including Coventry, Birmingham and Hereford and Worcester.


All of our schemes include:

  • A one-bedroom apartment for you
  • Safety and security, including a secure door entry system
  • A residents’ lounge for shared activities and socialising
  • Parking
  • Laundry facilities
  • Cleaning of all shared areas
  • Gardening and building maintenance done for you
  • A dedicated Retirement Living Officer
  • A 24-hour careline if you need it

We provide additional support at our Retirement Living Schemes, including regular contact with a dedicated Retirement Living Officer who can help you settle into your new home, and help you put in place all the things you need to set up your new tenancy successfully – including arrangements to pay bills, claim benefits, and any other support you may need to live safely, happily and independently in your home.


Many of our customers find having others around them has huge benefits for their wellbeing.

Find out what is available near you

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All of our apartments are offered at very competitive, affordable rents.

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All schemes are well-decorated and include a range of facilities including shared lounges, laundry facilities, shared gardens, parking and much more. All of the cleaning, decoration and upkeep of anything outside of your apartment is taken care of by us.


We can talk to you about a scheme and a home which suits you and we’re happy to give you a tour to help you decide.

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