Useful links and support

For more information and detail about being a leaseholder take a look at the useful links below:

  • Leasehold Advisory Service – government funded, independent advice
  • Land registry – search property ownership information, title deeds, property boundaries and much more
  • Right to Acquire – you might be able to buy your rented housing association home at a discount through the Right to Acquire scheme. You and your landlord must meet the eligibility requirements to apply. You can apply to buy your housing association home if you’ve had a public sector landlord for 3 years.
  • Right to Buy – under the Right to Buy scheme, you can buy your home at a price lower than the full market value. This is because the length of time you have spent as a tenant entitles you to a discount.
  • Right to Shared Ownership – the Right to Shared Ownership scheme allows some tenants in England to buy a share of their rented home on shared ownership terms.